50 Days of Content

Michaela Mendes
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Write, post, and tweet for 50 days with 50 meaningful writing prompts. Start creating and build your personal brand.

Who is this for? 

These prompts are for you if: 

• you want to start a daily writing habit. 

• you want new ideas for tweets, LinkedIn posts, or blogs. 

• you want to grow your audience by sharing your expertise.

📒 What do you get? 

• Notion database with 50 prompts to jumpstart your thinking. 

• 3 thoughtful questions contained in each prompt to power your writing. 

• Each prompt categorized by personal, work, or life. 

• Plenty of content ideas for 50 days...and a lot more!

How do you use it? 

• Duplicate the database to save in your own Notion. That way you can sort, filter, and write directly in the prompts. 

• Read one prompt a day. Think about the questions. Start writing. Don't stop (until you have a blog, post, or tweet). 

• Use the questions in your conversations, podcast interviews, or as team ice breakers. Sky's the limit! 

🤔 Why should I buy this? 

• You have so much to share - about your story, your experience, and your plans for the future. These prompts will help you unlock the insights stored in your brain when it's time to write. No more drawing a blank.

• If you only use this for 50 days, that's 10 cents a post! But with 3 questions per prompt, you could easily leverage the questions for more than 50 days. (What a deal! 😉)

• Here what others have to say: 

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Notion Database with 50 Prompts for 50 Days of Content

50 unique prompts
(1 topic + 3 questions)
Organized in Notion database
(categories: personal, work, life)


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50 Days of Content

8 ratings
I want this!